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A & R Records
New Label Release: The GURUS

A Kick Produkt
california indie label and home to Cultivation Project

A&A Music Productions
Professional Musicians, senior citizens, still working

A&D Music and Vision
A growing successfully record company

A&M Records

A-attack/Jpz records
Home of an Indie Punk Record Label based in Austin Texas

AAA music
the free label with free music- a division of audio diner

AArising Records

Aaron Avenue Records
Assorted mix of artists and music styles.

aASTER Recordings
Folk, Bluegrass, Americana audio and video recordings of Phil & Gaye Johnson

Abacus Records
Independent Record company with online consignment store

Abet Music
inde record label home for 5th Element

ABF Records
General information for ABF Records

Absolutely Kosher Records
San Francisco-based purveyors of quality independent music since 5757

Abuse Records

Accurate Records

Ace Of Hearts Records
Boston's premier independant label for over 20 years.

Ace Records UK
the reissue market's undisputed kings

Acetate Records

ACME Entertainers
ACME Entertainers

ACME Entertainment
Label and artist information

Acorn Music

Acoustic Disc

Act Your Age
Pop, indie, and hardcore.

Exploring ambient / electronic / experimental musics

ADD To Your Faith! Gospel music
Gospel music (Real Audio)

ADSR Musicwerks


AeneA Records
AeneA Records is releasing works of unsigned norwegian artists.

Aeonfly Productions
Deepest Underground Music

Afro Pubes
Suburban Chicago Punk rock label

Aftermath Entertainment

AIX Entertainment

Akashic Records

AKS Records

AlgoRhythm Music

Indie rock, Emo, Electronica, Punk, Altera-Country, Pure Pop and more.....

Aliennetwork records
aliennetwork records- a small jersey record company

All for One Records

Allegro Records

Almasud Records
Portuguese Traditional Music

Almo Sounds

Alpha Jerk Records

Alphabet Records
Independent label with bands like Agent 51 (Rancid, AC/DC) and the Classified.

alphex provides national MP3, bootleg distro, and internet presence for bands.

Alquimia Rec.
Realmente no existe, es aun un sueño.

Altamira Records
Classical CD's and relaxation tapes

Altenburgh Records


AlternaKids features music for kids and their grown-ups.

Alternative Tentacles Records

Alula Records

One of UK's leading Dance/House label's


Ambient Productions
Ambient Productions web page

Ambition Records Ltd
UK label with guts and vision. Artists include - Little Dog


American Gramaphone Records

American Recordings

American Wave Records
Exclusive label for Peace & Quiet

Amp Records
an international label that loves melodic bands.

Amphetamine Reptile Records USA
Am-Rep Roster web site

Artist Management Services we only put out albums for our own clients.

Anabolik Rekords
Underground record label specializing in local and foreign releases.

Anagram Records

Analog Marketing Group
Indy indie bands.

Angel Air Records
Specialists in classic rock and pop albums from the 1960s to the 90s and beyond.

Angelfly Records

Angelic Harmonies

Angerfunk Records
"Angerfunk Productions" the new underground

Aniar Records

AniLigital Music
AniLigital Music's home page; lounge yerself...

Acclaimed independent UK-based rock label.

Anisette Records
Releases, bands and other pertinent infomation

Anniversary Records
Massachusetts Indie Rock


Anonymous Productions
It is a new site for fans of A.P. bands.

Anti - Earth Records
punk rock. sound files.

Antilles Records

AntiMI Records Ltd.

Antler-Subway Records
Site about the Belgian Record-Label Antler-Subway & their dance projects.

Anton Productions

Antone's Records

AntonJazz website

aOn Records

aphiliated recording co

APN records
APN records website, info, sounds, merchaindise

Aporia Records
Aporia Records is a spacey drone label located in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).

Apparition Music

Record lable for Crossphade Family

AppolloEarBone Music Enterprises, Inc.

Apricot Records

Aquarius Records
Lindy, Bif Naked, Sass Jordan

Aran Records
Irish record label specialising in folk, Celtic, pop and traditional music

Arbors Records

Arcade America
Arcade America brings to the Web the world's leading dance music artists

Archangel Media Empire
Archangel Media Empire: Proudly serving a postliterate culture.

Archenemy Record Company
Featuring Lifestyle, Betwixt, Rockets burst from the streetlamps,Turkish Delight

Ardent Records

Arete Multimedia
music. video production. graphic arts. live performance.

Arf! Arf! Records

Arhoolie Records
We offer the BEST in Blues, Cajun, Tejano, Zydeco, Country, Jazz & World Music

Arista Records

Arizona Records
A temporary self-recording label, not a permanent arrangement.

Ark 21 Records

Arkadia Records
Exclusive homebase of various jazz superstars and up-and-coming futurestars

Home of ARM - Artists' Resource Management

Around The World Records
This is the site of a hot,new indie label coming out of the Northwest

Arrow Records

Arroyo Pollo Records
Central Coast Record Label

Art Beat
Under Contruction

Artifact Music


Arula Records
ambient instrumentals, art rock, progressive rock

ASi Music Group
Home to some really cool indi bands from the notheast, USA

Asian Man Records

Asphodel Records

Aspire Records Inc.

Associate Records
Celebrating the unconventional approach of Scarborough's young artists.

Associated Music International (AMI)

Associazione Turlough O' Carolan
Celtic music


Astron Music

Ata Tak
Indie-label since 1979


Atlantic Artists
Featuring the best of Atlantic Canadian recording artists.

Atlantic Records

Atomic K
Official Atomic K Records Site

Atomic Theory Records

Atomik Recordings

Au go go Records
Au go go Records, an indie label, record store and mail order service.

supports new electronic artists out of north carolina or wherever...

Audience Records
Damask Rose, Jib, Jason Ingram Band, Selena Bloom. From San Jose, growing fast.

audio diner
the online label that serves free downloadable music

Audiogram website

Augenblick Records
Augenblick Records first release: Ken Siegert's "UP FROM THE MURKY DEPTHS"

Aural Seduction Audio Production

Aurora Records
Music from the mountains

Autofac Label of Music
Autofac Industries Music Arm

Avant-Acoustic Records
Rocky Mountain based label focusing on new acoustic music.

Avantgarde Music
obscure metal label


Aviday Entertainment

Aware Records
Your web guide to everything AWARE, compilations, bands, tours, etc.

Awareness Records

Awesome Records Inc.
The Home of Kamikaze Pilots & Awesome Records.

Azica Records

Azimuth Record Company

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